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Psychic/Medium Services

Travis Communicates with your loved ones on the other side to help you with closure. He also provides you with personal guidance from your higher-self to help you on your path in life. . . 

 Psychic/Medium Reading:
(available in person, via phone or skype)
Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that can relieve stress, promote good health, and equalize energy imbalances that cause physical or emotional pain. Reiki can accelerate healing, assist the body in cleansing toxins, and promote a deep sense of well-being. Reiki is used in hospitals worldwide and the healing benefits that occur are published in peer-reviewed studies! Techniques like this have been used for thousands of years!

Inuitive Reiki Healing


 $88.00 1hr*
$122.00 1.5 hr*


​* Travis Hill is not a physician, doctor, or nurse practitioner and has no formal medical training. He is not able to prescribe or suggest medication, treat or diagnose a disease or illness, or provide legal documentation of an illness or condition. As a healer, he intuitively knows about health issues. However, he is not a medical professional & will not give you any medical advice. For medical concerns, please consult with a physician.



Small Group Reading ( hosted at the office)

(3-4 guests) $244.00

Travis provides group readings that you can host from your home or business!

Invite your friends and family to enjoy some refreshments, sit down in a group setting and relax as he connects with everyone's loved one's who have crossed over.

​  Medium Group Reading

(5-9 guests) $366.00

Large Group Reading

(10-14 guests) $488.00

Extra Large Group Reading

(15-20 guests) $610.00



Group Readings