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Psychic/Medium Services

Travis Communicates with your loved ones on the other side to help you with closure. He also provides you with personal guidance from your higher-self to help you on your path in life.

 Psychic/Medium Reading:
(available in person, via phone or skype)


Travis provides group readings that you can host from your home or business!

Invite your friends and family to enjoy some refreshments, sit down in a group setting and relax as he connects with everyone's loved ones who have crossed over.

Small Group Reading

(Also hosted at Travis's office)

(2-4 guests) $244.00

​  Medium Group Reading

(5-9 guests) $366.00

Large Group Reading

(10-14 guests) $488.00

Extra Large Group Reading

(15-20 guests) $610.00



Group Readings

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