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About Travis Hill 

Travis is becoming known around the world as a Spiritual Medium who is a "clear channel”. Using his abilities to communicate with spirit energies and physical/human energies, Travis can provide guidance and closure, transforming your life for the better.
Are you Ready?….
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Travis was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in the fall of 1990. At the age of 9, Travis had a near death experience which changed his life forever and opened up a door to a whole new world. He began seeing spirits shortly after this traumatic experience.

In the summer of 2009, Travis was on a TV show called “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal”. This show appeared on A&E, December 15th 2009. This show helped him get a better understanding of how to use his psychic abilities & to understand the paranormal. It helped him learn what his abilities could be used for. Being inspired to use his abilities to help others, he began doing readings for free from coffee shops. He continued doing this for a full year. As Travis grew older and learned more about his gift, and sharing it with others, he was inspired to begin doing it full time & started his own spiritual reading and empathic healing business.


Since then, Travis has spent his time meditating every day and reading books to help improve the quality of his readings and to improve his ability to help people.


Since 2013, Travis has been teaching workshops to help people get in touch with their higher-selves & to connect to spirit using their natural abilities. He has also mastered meditation and has used his knowledge to host group guided meditations for the public. With the many years he's spent communicating with client's higher-selves, he's gathered an abundance of sacred knowledge, wisdom, & tools for assisting the growth and healing of others. 


Travis has become a well known Psychic, Medium, and Healer in Utah, with clients in other states and countries. He's known for doing live readings on-air for callers on KBER 101.1 FM, 101.9 FM THE END, and K-TALK Radio 630AM, including many other radio stations. Travis has truly made a name for himself as a Psychic & Medium who really “cares and loves” & successfully validates his ability to communicate with the "other side" with profound accuracy and detail.



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