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People ask Travis questions all the time in regards to what he does. Here are some examples below of the most common questions and Travis' reponse to them.
Q: How do you do the readings that you give?


A: I use a process called CSC (Confident, Successful, Connections.) In order to find balance I first open all my chakras in this order: 1. The Clearing: I open my Base Chakra. This allows me to find grounding and get rid of all negative thoughts in my own personal life. I'm being asked by my client and God and the Higher Power to help. If I am not centered and thinking about my own personal life, then the readings are not from the heart. 2. The Shield: I then open up my Sacrum Chakra. This allows me to block all negative energy and create a shield to read the client successfully. 3. The Connection: Solar Plexus Chakra. I now connect to my client’s energy allowing me to read them in an accurate way. 4. Consult: Heart Chakra. By opening my heart, I am entering love within myself and others. This opens heart to God and the Higher Power and this is where I ask the Spirit Guides questions within full love of the person I am reading. 5. Scan: Throat Chakra: Since this is the communication charka, this is where I ask Spirit Guides and the Higher Power about issues that need to be addressed in the reading. In opening the throat chakra, I am allowing myself to be true to both myself and the person I am reading. After talking to Spirit Guides, I scan the client’s energy field to make sure I have assessed everything that needs to be addressed before they ask questions. 6. Confirmation: Third Eye Chakra: By opening the third eye, I am able to foresee issues of the person I am reading. (The "scanning method" above goes hand in hand with this step.) At times I am able to answer questions a client may have even before they ask. 7. Criticism: Crow Chakra: Spirits and Spirit Guides now come into the reading through the Spirit Guide of the Gatekeeper. Gatekeepers are Spirit Guides that allow spirits that need to come through, to come through the reading. Not only does this step help to communicate, hear, and see spirits, it is also good for connecting to God of Love. As part of the last step, I will ask how you liked the reading? Did you get what you need out of this reading? And did you get what you came for? I am looking for critical feedback. This is a learning process and I too am hoping to gain knowledge and wisdom from the experience. This is how I do my readings. If you have any questions feel free to ask!




 Q: your psychic then why can’t you read the future?

A: As a spiritual person I believe in the Now and because of that, I choose not to read the future. I feel in readings, the future is not relevant. We must learn from the past, live the present, and look toward the future. When you have fear, you become stressed, nervous and anxious. These are all caused by fear of the future. When you are depressed, you’re sadness is caused by living in the past. By not trying to live in the future, nor the past, we get the Now. The Now is where happiness is

Q: What is the percentage of how good you are?

A: I will not give myself a percentage of how good I am when it comes to readings, for the fact that I don't believe that you can put a percentage on something like this. Readings all have a different outcome and are based on the spirits energy that I'm communicating with, my own energy, as well as my clients. How good I am on a given day is dependent on these many different factors.


Q: Are you accurate when it comes to your readings?

A: I would say yes I am really accurate with my readings. I don't like to put a percentage, because psychic readings are never 100% accurate.

Q: How do I know your legit?

​A: I am Legit, but the best way to know is to listen to your own heart. Is your heart telling you to get a reading? Are you drawn to me and my energy? Then I'm the psychic for you. 

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