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489 W South Jordan Parkway
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Travis Hill

Mission Statement
My life's work is to provide accurate and clear messages from spirits who have crossed over & your higher-self. This communication will offer you closure, spiritual guidance, & great moments with your loved ones on the other side. Through this process, I also send each of my client’s sacred energy from the Heavens above to inspire and motivate positive change in their life! Remember, I’m just the messenger, your connection to the other realm. You are the evolution in your own life. Now together, let’s create positive momentum!

Intunitive Energy Work is an energy healing that transforms negative energy into positive. Helping those that suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. Travis Identifies certain areas of your spiritual and phyiscal body that need to be released from negative energy and replaces it with love and light. 




Travis Communicates with your loved ones on the other side to help you get closure. He also provides guidance from your higher-self, which helps you on your path in life. He can remote view to a person, place, thing or time & predict an outcome that is most likely to happen based on current circumstances. 

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Travis provides group readings that allow you to communicate with your loved ones on the other side, in a group style setting. He will also guide you through a meditation. This meditation will help you heal yourself with energy from the divine source.